Valentino’s is a remodel project where we had a short window of time. We completely took everything down to the bare walls and rebuilt in 16 days. This required a lot of coordination with the subcontractors.

“We chose Caspers for our project because of their quality of work, their reputation and credibility.They were a local construction company who we knew
personally. We thought it was a definite highlight to reach our goal of completing this extensive renovation project in 16 days. This project was an extreme make‐ over in 16 days! The timelines used to keep the project on task. The healthy, good attitudes of the workers and the positive work environment. The time management schedule was amazing. There was a plan and they worked the plan. Good follow‐through and follow‐up on all projects.

Caspers did exceed our expectations. Completing this huge project in the allotted time was amazing. We have definitely
recommended the Caspers Company for local projects.”

– Steph and Terry Perkins, Valentino’s

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